Etna 2016

Winter 2016 Beni Böhm, Schorsch Nickaes and Patrick Jost were planning a spectacular speed ascent from the sea to the peak of the Etna ( 3500 m ) in one push. None of the three highly experienced mountaineers have ever climbed an active volcano.

The starting shot for the ‘Etna Speed Rush’ was on the grey beach of San Marco. The first 30 km they covered the distance walking on a tar-road that seemed never to end, after that  it went up steep through slippery grass-slopes and pulverulent volcano-sand which made it difficult to move forward. After that the ski-tour started through snow compressed by the wind and ice. All over sharp lava-rocks and -dust. At the peak all the effort was rewarded. The view from above to the starting-point at the beach, where a few hours ago between lemon- and orange-trees the trip started, was impressive. A scenery of the sea, ice, storm and fire – the speed-ascent ton the Etna was absolutely unique!

"Europe is so versatile and offers spectacular possibilities for ‘from sea to summit’ in one day. The Etna is extraordinarily appealing being so white sitting on Sicily like a throne."







Weitere Expeditionen

  • Speed Expedition on Dhaulagiri VII (7,246 M) 2019

    Speed mountaineer and DYNAFIT managing director Benedikt “Bene” Böhm climbed Dhaulagiri VII in Nepal on Oct. 15 in new record time. The 42-year-old started his speed ascent from base camp at 4,903 meters (16,086 feet). He only needed 6 hours and 6 minutes to reach the summit at 7,246 m (23,773 feet).

    16. October 2019
  • Speed Transalp Nonstop

    On March 9th and 10th 2019 Böhm crossed over the Alps from north to south with no stop on his touring-skis in only 28 hours and 45 minutes.

    11. March 2019
  • Mount Damavand 2018

    From sea level up to 5.671 meters above sea level with a distance of 130 km – with one push.

    9. April 2018
  • Himalaya 2014

    Die beiden Extrembergsteiger Böhm (36) und Haag (35) sind am 19.08 für eine erneute Ski-Expedition in den Himalaya aufgebrochen. Diesmal war nicht nur ein 8000er geplant, sondern gleich zwei. Die beiden Gipfel Shisha Pangma (8013 m) und Cho Oyu (8201 m) sollten innerhalb von nur sieben Tagen im Speed-Stil mit Ski bestiegen werden. Zudem sollte die Strecke zwischen den Basecamps der Gipfel ausschließlich „by fair means“ – mit dem Mountainbike oder in Laufschuhen – zurückgelegt werden. Eine Aktion in durchgehend großer Höhe und ohne künstlichem Sauerstoff.

    27. August 2014
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