Speed Transalp Nonstop

Kasern, March 11th 2019 Transalp on superlative degree:
Speed mountaineer and managing director of DYNAFIT Benedikt ‘Beni’ Böhm moves with his project ‘Speed Transalp Nonstop’ the limits of time. On March 9th and 10th 2019 Böhm crossed over the Alps from north to south with no stop on his touring-skis in only 28 hours and 45 minutes. A well trained mountaineer needs three to six days to overcome the route from Ruhpolding, Germany through the region of Salzburg, Austria to Kasern in South Tyrol.

Böhm managed the distance of 210 kilometers and 10.500 meters of hight nonstop without long breaks or sleep. The 41 year old was able to undercut his self made goal of 36 hours clearly and fulfilled at the same time his promise for a good cause. Böhm and the power of endurance specialist DYNAFIT donate in all 13.000 Euros to the nonprofit organization ‘Albert-Schweizer-Kinderdörfer and Family Community ‘ which supports children, adolescents and families in need.

After the extreme-athlete Benedikt Böhm crossed the Alps already 2006 together with 5 colleagues in a record-time of only two and a half days he wanted to overcome this distance nonstop this time and dedicate this project to a good cause.The starting signal for the ‘Speed-Transalp-Nonstop’ happened March 9th at 6 o’clock in the morning in the Bavarian town Ruhpolding. Through the main Alpine ridge Böhm needed 8 stages and the crossing of two borders to Kasern which is located in the Ahrntal of South Tyrol.

At the places Seegatterl, Lofer, Hochfilzen, Hinterglemm, Jochberg, Neukirchen and Krimml have been set up food and material supply-stations where the speed-mountaineer was able to warm up, change clothes and get some food. To guarantee a speedy progress a tracking-team of six prepared the route with a nonstop ski-track to mark the whole distance.
During the whole project two experienced mountain guides have been by Böhm’s side to look after his safety and help in case of an emergency which however was not needed at any point. On Sunday March 10th at 10.45 am Böhm reached, exhausted, tired but happy about his achievement the village Kasern.
It took him 28 hours and 45 minutes to overcome 210 km and 10.000 meters of hight – a unprecedented success and an athletic record on touring-skis which took the experienced speed-mountaineer to his limits.

“The Speed-Transalp was an indescribable experience for me. I am completely on my limits, my feet hurt and my whole body is maxed out. I can’t wait to go to my bed. At the same time I am incredibly happy that I made it. A huge thank you to my team for the support and the tracking-work. It would not have been possible without you. Also thanks to everybody who was part of this project and supported me. I am glad that we are able with this athletic project to pay contribution to a good cause and a nice amount was reached for the ‘Albert-Schweizer-Kinderdörfer’.”







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