Toubkal Speed-climbing

Marokko, March 15th 2012.

An exotic speed-ski-ascent up to the highest mountain in North Africa. The speed-mountaineers Benedikt Böhm, Schorsch Nickaes, Patrick Jost, Andreas Eisenmann and Sepp Willibald from team DYNAFIT set themselves a high goalfrom the starting point ‘Around’ it will be 17 kilometers and 2.200 meters of hight to get there an be able to stand on the Toubkal which is 4.167 meters high, the highest mountain of the Atlas Mountains.

The start is in the village ‘Around’ at a hight of 1.900 meters. The route leads across the muslim rocky sanctuary ‘Sidi Chamharouch’ and through the river-valley ‘Assif n’Isougouane’ to the surprise of many pedestrians with skis and backpack on their back.

Close to the ‘Refugio de Toubkal’ at a hight of 3.200 meters the touring-skis could be strapped and the upswing to the Toubkal-Saddle could be made on snow.

After 3 hours and 9 minutes and 20 seconds the team reached the peak.

„After 3 hours of complete performance we looked from the freezing cold peak of the Toubkal, the highest point of North Africa over the vastness of the desert Sahara 4000 meters below us - absolutely freaky!“
Portrait Benedikt Böhm




Meter Höhe



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