X4 2010

days- 4 countries- 4 peaks and everything ‘by fair means’ – which means only with your own muscle power, without using the mountain train or shuttle in the valley. This is the mission of the 5 athletes from the DYNAFIT Team in October 2010.

405 km and a hight of 130000meters of hight ascending. The peak and the whole distance was mastered by walking or on the mountain bike – only the Piz Palü on skis. The mountain bikes had to be carried on parts of the trip. October 8th 2010 at 5 a.m.the starting shot was fired at the Olympia Skistadion in Garmisch Partenkirchen. The pathwent from the Zugspitze across the Simlaun, the Ortler up to the Piz Palü.

"I remember that the night before I celebrated the birth of my first born son at the Oktoberfest a little bit to extensive. The days have been hard and much longer than the nights. In Sulden a fever attack threw me out of my bed. But I did not want to give up and will never forget the ski-run down from the Piz Palü in powder snow. That was the beginning of the Run X from X projects. I liked the most the intensive days with high contrasts and the unbelievable dynamic in our team when it comes to the limit of performance."







Weitere Expeditionen

  • Speed Expedition on Dhaulagiri VII (7,246 M) 2019

    Speed mountaineer and DYNAFIT managing director Benedikt “Bene” Böhm climbed Dhaulagiri VII in Nepal on Oct. 15 in new record time. The 42-year-old started his speed ascent from base camp at 4,903 meters (16,086 feet). He only needed 6 hours and 6 minutes to reach the summit at 7,246 m (23,773 feet).

    16. October 2019
  • Speed Transalp Nonstop

    On March 9th and 10th 2019 Böhm crossed over the Alps from north to south with no stop on his touring-skis in only 28 hours and 45 minutes.

    11. March 2019
  • Mount Damavand 2018

    From sea level up to 5.671 meters above sea level with a distance of 130 km – with one push.

    9. April 2018
  • Etna 2016

    Im Winter 2016 planten Beni Böhm, Schorsch Nickaes und Patrick Jost eine spektakuläre Speedbegehung vom Meer auf den Gipfel des Ätna (3.500 Meter) in einem Push. Einen aktiven Vulkan hatte noch keiner der drei höchst erfahrenen Bergsteigern je erklommen.

    10. April 2016
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